Michael Eason    Thursday, May 24    5 – 7 PM

Wildflowers of Texas

In Wildflowers of Texas, Michael Eason describes and illustrates more than 1,100 commonly encountered species, both native and introduced. The book is organized by flower color, with helpful color coding along the page edges making it easy to navigate. Each profile is illustrated with a color photograph and includes the plant's Latin name, family, common name, habitat, bloom time, frequency of occurrence, and a short description of the plant's morphology. This authoritative trailside reference is a must-have for nature lovers and wildflower enthusiasts.


Mong-Lan     Saturday, May 26    3 – 5 PM


Mong-Lan will give a multi-media poetry reading that will include poetry, storytelling, music, voice and guitar. She will be reading from her new collection Dusk Aflame: poems & art
Dusk Aflame: poems & art is a bittersweet melange, a delirium of experiences and memories. Buenos Aires looms large with elegiac, nocturnal footsteps:  on the edge of chaos and accidents waiting to happen. Buenos Aires, womb and capital of the tango, a melancholic music and sultry dance created by men and women who felt a need for the embrace. Death aspires to be a character here, and Dusk, too, female, animistic. On a lighter note, Mong-Lan continues with her cherished theme--love poems to nourishing delectables, like persimmon, rice, and sesame seed.  Dusk Aflame includes odes to the body, to the South, New Orleans, Houston, Galveston, and an island off the coast of Thailand. Jazz in poetry, in rhythm to the syncopations of life, to the tango, all comes together in a voice and world vision that is uniquely Mong-Lan's.

Mong-Lan's lyrical brush and ink paintings accompany her poems in a poetic dance of movement, providing a visual resonance and portent to her work. Her vital virtuoso strokes assume their own characters and lives of their own.

Mộng-Lan, writer, former Stegner Fellow at Stanford University,
Fulbright Scholar, has published seven books of poetry & artwork, two
chapbooks, has won prizes such as the Juniper Prize, the Pushcart
Prize, the Great Lakes Colleges Association's New Writers Awards,
among others. Frequently anthologized to include in Best American
Poetry Anthology
, she has finished a novel, with an excerpt in the
North American Review. A former college professor with the Univ of Maryland
in Tokyo, she left her native Viet Nam on the last day of the evacuation of Sai Gon.
Also a musician and composer, she has released nine albums of jazz piano and
tangos, which showcase her poetry. As a visual artist, her artwork has
been exhibited in galleries and in museums such as the Dallas Museum
of Art and in public exhibitions in Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Bali and
Buenos Aires. Mong-Lan as a dancer has studied ballet, jazz and
flamenco, and has specialized as a tango dancer, performer, and
teacher, having over twenty years of tango dance experience, in Buenos
Aires, San Francisco, New York City, Tokyo, Bangkok, Hanoi, and
elsewhere.  Mong-Lan's new solo show, “Ocean of Senses: Dream Songs &
Tangos --one woman's journey from Sai Gon to Buenos Aires, via
America," blends original poetry, jazz piano, guitar, dance, story and
song. Visit: