Rev. Charlie Holt   Thursday, March 1   5 – 7 PM


The Crucified Life

Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, reading The Crucified Life, the first volume in The Christian Life Trilogywill offer a deeper understanding of this ultimate sacrifice by Jesus in a way that challenges, transforms and inspires.  Especially presented for study during Lent, the last seven words of Christ presented in the book are meaningful whether read in small groups or alone in quiet meditation and prayer whatever time of year.  Organized with an overview for each week followed by daily devotionals, the book serves as a resource for later reference.  Written conveying a personal conversation, the book engages the reader to thirst for the things in life that truly matter.  The author, The Rev. Charlie Holt, Associate Rector of St. John the Divine, his wife, Brooke, and their three children feel blessed to live now in Houston.  Blog: Engaging Truth:


Jeffery Tracey. Sr.   Saturday, March 3     3 – 5 PM


A Family Torn Apart

A Family Torn Apart is a heart-wrenching true story of an eleven-year-old boy seeing and experiencing his family being torn apart. The mother and father had four children, all of them boys. The family definitely had its ups and downs. The parents separated in 1954, and three of the boys were sent to foster homes. The youngest boy lived with his mother. The family reunited in 1958, and lived for four years on a farm in Montezuma, Kansas. After a horrible accident, the family spiraled downward into poverty. They got evicted from their home and moved to Ohio for a new start.  This is the story of a new start that quickly ends with the family struggling with alcoholism, abuse, abandonment, and poverty. It also tells about the wild stunts and pranks the children have pulled. Some of the stunts and pranks are humorous and will have you chuckling, while others end sadly and will have you cringing from the pain and suffering the boys endure.


Paul Petronella   Saturday, March 10   7 PM


Paulie's: Classic Italian Cooking in the Heart of Houston's Montrose District

Houston Press named Paulie's "Best Montrose Neighborhood Restaurant" in 2015 and its operator and namesake, Paul Petronella, was listed among Houston's "Most Interesting Men" by the Houston Chronicle; the list includes entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and professional athletes. Paul has dedicated his life to making Paulie's the best it can be for its guests and staff: the finest authentic Italian food, house made pasta, fresh high-quality coffee, and a wine bar for the sommelier in all of us.  In this unique book, Paul shares his lifetime of experience in independent restaurant life and dozens of delicious but simple recipes. Paul focuses on dishes that provide maximum flavor while being easy to reproduce at home. They include nostalgic delicacies from his childhood, dishes from his travels across Italy, and classic items off the Paulie's menu. Celebrate 20 years of Paulie's with mouthwatering photos and a first-person account of the history of the restaurant and its people.


Sharon Stewart    Thursday, March 15    5 – 7 PM


Volume: Cooking for Community

At InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Manitoba, we have seen how a healthful, balanced, and home-cooked menu can affect a community of people. It is evident that food is a strong tie to build any community, and that good food continues to bring ours back to Pioneer Camp on Shoal Lake in Lake of the Woods, year after year.

We have published a unique resource for those preparing meals for themselves or their community. Volume: Cooking for a Community provides tried and tested recipes to serve 4 people or 80 guests, and include dietary substitutions for most recipes. Our collection of recipes is placed into 16 menus encompassing morning, midday and evening meals. Appendix articles offer insight on topics such as menu development for the home or professional kitchen, serving guests with allergies, and how to accurately plan quantities. We invite you to cook for your community.


Sherman P. Macdaniel    Saturday, March 17   3 – 5 PM

Welcome Stranger: Alzheimer’s Caregivers Guide

As a caregiver you are on a sacred journey you have probably not chosen but have inherited - perhaps even inherited against your will. It may well be due to other family members renouncing any responsibility. Additionally, you most likely have had no prior experience or familiarity with your new role in life and new responsibilities. My heart goes out to you for surely you will wish for extreme solutions to your situation. At times you will feel there is no help or answer to your situation. You will give thought to giving up: there seems to be no relief. The rejection and isolation reigns supreme, and there is no end in sight. If and when this condition appears, it is incumbent to seek comfort and guidance from God. We must ask for peace and guidance and grace from Him.


Russell Sanders    Saturday, March 24    3 – 5 PM


Titanic Summer

It's 2015, and teenage Jake Hardy is hiding something. During a summer trip to the Titanic Mecca of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Jake's father makes a confession, and though Jake feels upset and confused, he also wants to be understanding. But he feels deceived--much like he's deceiving those he cares about. Jake is gay, just not ready to tell the world. Jake and his father are far from alone in their secrets, as Jake discovers back in Texas, where the fight for and against the Equal Rights Ordinance rages. He's surprised to learn how much the outcome will affect his friends, and he's torn between standing with them and the wishes of his religious fanatic mother. Being true to himself won't be easy or painless, and it will come with sacrifices--and rewards.


Dr. Gail Gross   Thursday, March 29   4 – 6 PM


The Only Way Out Is Through: A Ten-Step Journey from Grief to Wholeness

Books on grief often fall into two categories: memoir or science. In The Only Way Out is Through, Dr. Gail Gross combines the two in an inspiring story of loss alongside the analytical psychology that helped her find her own re-entry into life. The Only Way Out is Through tells the story of a mother's sudden loss of a child and the impact on the family as a whole. It offers a comprehensive approach to healing for the bereaved and helps them reenter life on new terms. The Only Way Out is Through is not only a book about grieving, but a guide to successfully navigating transitions--the endings and beginnings of life. Dr. Gail helps readers learn to listen to their own inner voices, the deepest part of the unconscious, so that reorienting and reshaping the future seems possible. Offering strategies for dealing not just with profound grief, but with living beyond a devastating loss, she provides a map for those looking for guidance, comfort, care, and hope.


Valerie Sweeten   Saturday, March 31    3 – 5 PM


In 2014, Shh, Listen: In the Rainforest, a children’s book showcasing the adventures of a family in Ecuador, was released and garnered a great response from teachers, librarians and children. The Grant family has the chance to explore the rainforests, and of course they say yes! As they travel over 2,000 miles from their home in Texas, to Ecuador, the parents and their four children, Noelle, James, and twins, Colton and Morgan, find adventure after adventure. What part of the rainforest do you want to see?


 In 2017, Valerie released the next in her children’s book series, Shh, Listen: On a Safari detailing yet another adventure of a family exploring Tanzania.