David Dow   Saturday, May 4    3 – 5 PM

Confessions of an Innocent Man

“Author Signing”

A thrillingly suspenseful debut novel, and a fierce howl of rage that questions the true meaning of justice. Rafael Zhettah relishes the simplicity and freedom of his life. He is the owner and head chef of a promising Houston restaurant. A pilot with open access to the boundless Texas horizon. A bachelor, content with having few personal or material attachments that ground him. Then, lightning strikes. When he finds Tieresse--billionaire, philanthropist, sophisticate, bombshell--sitting at one of his tables, he also finds his soul mate and his life starts again. And just as fast, when she is brutally murdered in their home, when he is convicted of the crime, when he is sentenced to die, it is all ripped away. But for Rafael Zhettah, death row is not the end. It is only the beginning. Now, with his recaptured freedom, he will stop at nothing to deliver justice to those who stole everything from him. This is a heart-stoppingly suspenseful, devastating, page-turning debut novel. A thriller with a relentless grip that wants you to read it in one sitting. David R. Dow has dedicated his life to the fight against capital punishment--to righting the horrific injustices of the death penalty regime in Texas. He delivers the perfect modern parable for exploring our complex, uneasy relationships with punishment and reparation in a terribly unjust world.


A.P. Greenwood  Thursday, May 9   4 – 6 PM

Political Action: a Rhett and Toni Detective novel

Private investigator, Nat Pendleton, had been a good friend and mentor to Rhett and Toni Sanders when they’d launched their careers in private investigation. On a Friday evening in his Houston office, Nat was executed by Joseph “Mad Dog” Sullivan, a professional hit man, with his trademark two bullets to the heart. Rhett and Toni believe they can determine who was responsible for the murder by solving the cases on which Nat had been working, including one case they’d referred to him. There were three cases for them to investigate in all, including one involving a wife who had disappeared with $2 million dollars of her irate husband’s money, one wealthy and loving grandmother who wanted to know all she could about her granddaughter’s fiancé, and one in which a young and naïve husband suspected his wife of having an affair. Rhett and Toni’s investigations take them on another journey of twists and turns, and all the while, they understand that at some point they will have to come face to face with a professional killer.

Sam Brown   Saturday, May 11    3 – 5 PM

Unique Eats and Eateries of Houston

“Author Signing”

There's no better way to escape a hot and muggy Houston day than by stopping into a fantastic restaurant for some of the country's best food. Luckily, America's fourth-largest city offers an incredible array of dining options; your only problem will be choosing between them! Unique Eats and Eateries of Houston offers an indispensable guide for the hungry traveler. From the discerning gourmand to the pizza-and-burgers crowd, everyone will find something to meet their nutritional needs. Discover The Original Ninfa's on Navigation for their famous fajitas, or sample standout Japanese cuisine from Chef Hori-sama at Kata Robata. Try buffalo burgers while waiting for traffic to clear up at Bubba's Texas Burger Shack. Kick your boots up, and throw back a Lone Star at Rudyard's, then head to the Livestock Show and Rodeo for some Mutton Bustin'. Order a beef rib at Killen's BBQ, but don't be surprised if it's the size of a kindergartener"¬‚¬"everything's bigger in Texas! Tried-and-true Texan Sam Brown brings a local's insight to all the recommendations in this tasty tour of his hometown, along with the fascinating stories of the people and places behind the food. This book will lead your taste buds on an unforgettable adventure through Houston's diverse and delicious culinary scene.


Apple Gidley    Thursday, May 16    5 – 7 PM


“Book Launch & Author Signing”

An historical novel and the sequel to Fireburn (OC Publishing 2017), Transfer traces the lives of those on Anna's Fancy, the Clausen estate on Saint Croix in the Danish West Indies, handed down through three generations. Transfer sees Niels Clausen, the illegitimate child of a Danish landowner and his black mistress who both died as a result of the 1878 worker revolt, leave his adoptive mother's sugar plantation and sail to England to continue his education. With the help of Toby, a British aristocrat, Ivy, a lady's maid turned lady and her botanist husband, Timothy, Niels challenges the perceptions on the streets of London of a black man at the turn of the 20th century. His development as a writer and political protagonist continues as he travels to Denmark and France where he meets up with childhood friends, Javier and Fabiana Gomez, before returning to Saint Croix. The Danish West Indies face an uncertain future as the declining sugar industry lessens Denmark's interest in their colonial outpost. Niels becomes increasingly involved in the future of the islands as war looms and concerns grow that Germany might covet a presence in the Caribbean. Will the islands' security be guaranteed by the transfer of power to America?


Marion Montgomery  Saturday, May 18    3 – 5 PM

When Life Happens: Dare Stretch Prosper Becoming Your Best You...Despite Life's Difficulties

Going through this life with an upbeat attitude is such a huge challenge; different major and minor struggles, abandonment, fear, poverty, change and more confront us…So what do you do in the face of these adversities and difficulties? Will you give up or will you Dare, Stretch and Prosper…Or perhaps you are wondering if there was a simple way to overcome all of life’s hardships and turn your life around within a very short time. That is why Marion Montgomery, popular author and Licensed Psychotherapist wrote When Life Happens to help transform your life effectively. This inspiring book will teach you how to rise above circumstances that seem beyond your control, redirect your life,  and know what it takes to overcome your own life’s challenges now and in the future


F. Anthony Falcon   Sunday, May 29    2 – 3 PM

Be Brave, Be Brave, Be Brave: A True Story of Fatherhood and Native American Heritage

“Children’s Reading Hour & Book Signing!”

Join us for a fun-filled afternoon of reading, activities, and snacks!

About the book:

A man of Native American descent contemplates what lessons he will pass on to his newborn son in this heartfelt, expansive exploration of fatherhood, identity, and legacy. Based on the true story of the birth of his son, Be Brave, Be Brave, Be Brave recalls the thoughts of author F. Anthony Falcon upon holding his child after the baby and his wife endured a life-threatening labor during Hurricane Harvey’s landfall in Corpus Christi,Texas. Having felt adrift from his Native roots, Falcon found himself with a deep desire to understand his heritage so that he might better bestow it upon his son. A meditation on what it means to “be brave,” this is the tale of little Lakota’s perilous arrival into the world, of Falcon’s struggle to reconnect with a heritage that was lost to him, and a father’s attempt to describe what it means to be a Native American man in America today.